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Roulette Strategy

Though the odds for scoring the big pot in roulette is very low it is on of the most profitable games in the long run. If you have sufficient bank roll, something about $300-$500 than you can end the night with a revenue of $200-$700, but you must pay special attention to one unique strategy of betting – the doubling method.

If you ever played the roulette than you already know how the bets go (and if you don’t then have a look at "Roulette Betting" in the articles' section), and you'd also know that the best chances to win lay in outside bets – the bets which pay 2:1. But, as any bet, you may lose as well, so how would you make money from outside bets? First – find the table with the lower minimum and highest maximum bets.

After you've don’t that you can start putting outside bets. At first – put the minimum, if you lose – double it, if you win – don't, and by doing so you avoid losing any money.

For example, in a $10-$160 table place a $10 as your first bet. If you lose – put $20. Let's see what happens you lose time after time - $10, $20, $40, $80 and - $160, a total of $310, but when you play outside bets you are more likely to win than to lose time after time, and at any stage you gain back the money you risked. This system works in any roulette casino with a high maximum limit and a low minimum limit. Also remember that you would need to big bankroll in order to put this system into action.

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Looking for live roulette? Casino Wiesbaden of Germany now offers live roulette for British players. With advanced technology, roulette enthusiasts can now watch and play roulette via webcam.