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Roulette Stands Alone in the Casino

There are many differences between roulette and other gambling games that go beyond just the basic way the game is played. One of the major differences is the pace of the game. Roulette, when compared to other games played at casinos, moves in a more sedate pace. Other casino games like slots, craps or even poker have a much quicker pace and players seem to feed off that energy.

Roulette has been always considered to be a game for the upper crust of the society and with this class came a more refined player and history of the game which continues to this day although all classes of people now enjoy this great casino game.

Roulette is a game that generally everyone can play but it is not that popular in the U.S. compared to Baccarat, Blackjack or Poker. Europe has embraced the game more than America. One of the reasons could be is the actual equipment that the game is played upon which is not similar in Europe.

The major difference between European roulette and the American version is that the American one uses the zero and the double zero on its roulette wheel while the European version only uses the single zero on theirs. While the addition of a single space may not seem like much, the house odds are doubled with this extra space thus roulette is more advantageous to the gambler in its European version.

Although in online casinos both versions of Roulette, the American and European wheels, of the game are offered by most of the web casinos. The reason for this is that many players do not realize the house advantage changes and it is advantageous to a casino to offer both as it does not hurt their profits.

This is a perfect example of how knowing the gambling game you are playing and studying all the rules as well as strategies for that game can make your gambling venture much more profitable.

The game of roulette cannot be decided upon by the skill of the player unlike some other gambling games. Like in Blackjack, you have no power to execute techniques at your turns to do some variations to achieve a favorable outcome. The player can also not find any rule differences so that he could have even a little advantage over the house other than playing the European wheel.

The only true advantage is to know how to bet the game and learn which bets have the best odds. Remember that no previous spin will affect future spins. This is doubly true for online versions of the game as sometimes imperfections of a mechanical wheel can be taken advantage of, but you can bet good money that casinos watch out for these so best to hedge your bets and try to stay with the best odds.

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