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Roulette Betting

The roulette table is not as complicated as some may believe and there are only few ways to bet with your money. The most honorable bet, and the one which gives the biggest payout, is the single number bet – you choose a number from 1-36 and place your chips on that number, in case you win your payout ratio is 35:1. The second biggest bet is the two numbers bet – which pays 17:1, and there's the triple-number bet, it pays 11:1.You may also choose to bet on four numbers at once, this wager pays 8:1. For six numbers you would be paid 5:1. These all are considered as "outside bets".

You can also bet "outside", these bets pay 2:1. One of these bets is a 12-numbers bet, you can bet from 1-12/13-25/26-38. You can also bet on even or uneven numbers or the famous bet of "black or red", which pays for the color of the pocket, not the number itself. Additional data about the roulette can be found in our articles database and links section.

Using Probability in Roulette

Using Probability in a Roulette Game is not a sure thing, but it could increase the chances of the player to win more games compared to the times that the player will lose. Instead of being their worst nightmare, probability could become a player's best...

Interactive Live Roulette From Casino Wiesbaden in Germany

Looking for live roulette? Casino Wiesbaden of Germany now offers live roulette for British players. With advanced technology, roulette enthusiasts can now watch and play roulette via webcam.