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An Overview of the Supabets System in Roulette

Many roulette systems have been tested through the years; the majority have, sadly, failed. An example of such a system is the 'Martingale' system, wherein the bets are doubled when a betting player loses, with the only thing being certain is that at some period you will find yourself with nothing left to bet.

However, with the 'Supabets' (TM) systems there are two considerations. First, the prevalence of online casinos, where there are no casino personnel to find out what you are doing and boot you out of the casino, and second, the reality that the regular table of roulette has a built-in flaw that can be taken advantage of.

Besides the zero and double-zero, every roulette number could either be black or red. Betting on either of the colors will give you equal winnings. The advantage of the house in this situation is the zero and double-zero, or color green. The roulette layout is divided into three columns, holding twelve numbers per column.

The initial column consists of twelve numbers, with six of each color, while the second column contains four numbers colored red and eight numbers colored black. Naturally, the third column consists of four numbers colored black and eight numbers colored red. If we completely disregard the zeros, then there is an even chance that a red or a black will be hit - similar to a toss coin which has a split chance of a head and a tail turning up. The zeros keep you from having an even chance.

In using the 'Supabets' (TM) method, you pick one color as your goal for the round. If you select red, you bet a certain amount on the color, and a similar amount on column two. If you choose black, bet a certain amount on black and a matching amount on the third column. Either way, you are now covering twenty six out of the thirty eight possible numbers, for twice the amount you'd bet on a single bet. If the ball lands on the color you selected, you win equal money. If your chosen column is the one that won, you get fifty percent of your bet. If the color and column comes up, your winnings will be one and a half times your original bet.

In summary, there are two ways to win in the 'Supabets' (TM) system. You place equal bets on red and the second column, or black and the third column. Be sure to set a daily bankroll which you will not exceed. Avoid the temptation of doubling up on your bet in order to recover your previous losses. Keep in mind that losing is part of the game and should be expected. When you are ahead, either remove your money from the table, or increase your bets.

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