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Roulette Jargon

When you love something, you want to learn everything about it, right? So, do not stop with knowing the techniques and the rules of your favorite game roulette. Learn more. How about learning some of these roulette terms?

Grind - a roulette player who only bets small amounts of money. He is called as such because the amount of his bets can be compared to something ground or broken into smaller pieces.

Grind joint - a place in which small bettors are encouraged to play. Some casinos allow only high bets, but grind joints welcome low rollers with open arms.

Grind system - a betting strategy in which the roulette player increases his bet by a small amount for the next spin if he won in the previous one. The player using this strategy seeks to win in a lot of spins instead of hitting it one-time big-time.

Guerilla Gambling - a strategy that requires the roulette player to thinks wisely and quitting while on top of his game to avoid any probable losses.

Game layout - this is an area in the roulette table in which players can place their bets. The layout consists of numbers that match the ones in the roulette wheel. It also has spaces for other kinds of bets which the players can make.

Heat - a term used to describe the situation in which a roulette player is studied by the casino management to find out if he is cheating or is just good. If you are winning a lot, expect the casino management to "turn up the heat" on you.

High bet - happens when a roulette player bets that one of the numbers from 19 to 36 will hit in the succeeding round.

High roller - this is the term for a roulette player who bets in huge amounts in hope of winning a lot of money in return.

Hot table - roulette players naturally want to be in hot tables. These are tables in which the players, and not the house, are winning a lot.

House edge - slang for the advantage of the casino over the gamblers.

House person - a roulette dealer who's on the side of the casino and takes pleasure in seeing players lose. Gamblers generally do not enjoy playing with house persons, so dealers have to look like they sympathize with the players, and not with the house.

Hustler - term for a player who cheats in games like poker, blackjack, and roulette. No one wants to be called as such, so be careful in calling anyone a hustler.

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