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The Roulette

You enter the casino, you roam around the blackjack tables, spend some time putting coins in slot machines or playing a few hands of baccarat and all that time you hear a buzzing sound, you ignore it and continue to play some Texas Hold'em, you hear sharp cries and a growing commotion but you still do not pay enough attention to the most exciting game of the casinos - the roulette table.

The roulette is the top of the gambling spree; it's a game which allows you to score big prizes or to lose all your money, multiply wins or multiply loses, all happening around the same table with the ivory ball jumping around, up and down, across the wheel, accompanied by tens of eyes, all waiting in immense tense to the moment it would stop – the moment of truth. Without a doubt, the roulette is the center of the gambling industry; it represents all the wealth, the luck and many more.

In the roulette there are 38 pockets, numbered from 1 to 36, and two pockets marked with a Zero or a double Zero. The payouts are: For a single number – 35:1, two numbers would earn you 17:1, for three numbers – 11:1 and so on. As can be seen – the roulette is one of the most profitable games of the casino and online roulette would even pay more, if you're smart enough to find these tables. Additional and extensive knowledge about roulette can be found in the articles section.

Using Probability in Roulette

Using Probability in a Roulette Game is not a sure thing, but it could increase the chances of the player to win more games compared to the times that the player will lose. Instead of being their worst nightmare, probability could become a player's best...

Interactive Live Roulette From Casino Wiesbaden in Germany

Looking for live roulette? Casino Wiesbaden of Germany now offers live roulette for British players. With advanced technology, roulette enthusiasts can now watch and play roulette via webcam.